Event 1A: 1/3 of a Tank

Level 10:  500/1,000/100 ante

Matt PerrinPerrin Representing the Motor City

The field of 88 entries for the 7 pm flight is down to 27 players, roughly 1/3 of what started.

Matt Perrin (Chesterfield, MI) is one of the big stacks at 90k, close to double the average stack of 49k (49 bb) as the level winds down.

Event 1A: Read ‘Em and Reap

Level 9: Blinds 400/800/100 ante

Marv KarlinsKarlins with an Easy Post Flop Read

On one of the first hands back from break Anthony Brammer (Tampa) is all in on a Jack-high flop and Marv Karlins (Tampa, FL) snap calls.

Karlins: AJ (pair of Jacks)
Brammer: 88

Karlins ends up winning the hand with trip Jacks, knocking out Karlins in the process. And as it turns out, it’s USF on USF crime.

Brammer, the University of Southern Florida Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, is eliminated by a Professor of Management at USF.

“I’ve been there 40 years and teaching for 50,” says the 72-year-old who takes his stack to 80k.

In addition to teaching, Karlins is known in these parts as one of the authors of Read ‘Em and Reap, a book on poker tells.  “We shot some of it right over there,” says Karlins who points across the Poker Room.

Karlins, along with poker super star Phil Hellmuth (record 13 WSOP bracelets) and ex-FBI agent Joe Navarro, wrote about non-verbal cues and decoding poker tells. But he’s not willing to admit he has any advantage over his opponents.

“One mistake with these guys and I’m done,” he laughs while pointing to two players who also have above average chip stacks.

It would have been interesting to see what kind of read Karlins would have had if Brammer moved all in preflop.

A coin flip, for 1/3 of his stack, with a chance to knockout a university colleague.  Wonder what chapter that’s covered in?

Event 1A: Live Action

Level 8: Blinds 300/600/75 ante

Anthony BrammerBrammer Checking out Hoops & Hold’em

Tournament reporting is one of the new additions to the Seminole Hard Rock Tampa poker experience.

Our media team will be on site from beginning to end and bring you all the action from the 11 tournaments over 10 days and $615,000 in total guaranteed prizes.

Players like Anthony Brammer (Tampa) are already finding the action and sharing it with their friends and family.  Brammer is taking a break from his duties as Video Coordinating Coach for the USF men’s basketball team and playing in the kickoff event.

This tournament fits perfectly into Brammer’s schedule as Bulls have a home game Saturday (vs Alabama on tournament Day 1B). And if Brammer makes it to Sunday’s Day 2, he’s got a week off from basketball and can focus on poker.

Brammer has less than 20k and will need to chip up over the next few levels if he’s going to bag and tag at the end of the night.

Blog Screen ShotFrom the Felt to Your Phone

Event 1A: Halfway Home

Level 7: 250/500/50 ante

Marc Lowe Lowe Going High

Nearly half the starting field of 88 entries and half the play for tonight’s flight is in the books.

Currently 46 players remain with an average stack of 29k (58 bb) as the halfway point (of 14 levels) concludes.

The big stacks are climbing north of 60k (120 bb) and includes Marc Lowe (Tampa), but not everyone’s having a great night, including this anonymous player:

anonymousSeven-Deuce Again!?!?!

Satellite Action

Sit and Go Bre, Carl Marks, Jeff Jarrell, Luis RosarioDealer Bre with (l-r) Carl Marks (Tampa), Jeff Jarrell (Myrtle Beach, SC)
  & Luis Rosario (Brandon) Before the Start of their Satellite

In addition to the tournament tables for Event 1A, nearly every table in the Poker Room is alive with action.

The cash games range from $2-$4 Limit to $5-$10 PLO and there’s always a lists of interests, including the single table sit-n-gos.

Right now a $55 satellite is underway with the top three spots paying $160. The winnings can be used towards entry into any of the events during the Winter Tampa Bay Open.

Event 1A: On the Brinkley of Another Run

Level 5: Blinds 150/300/25 ante

Jim BrinkleyAnother Big Stack for Brinkley

It’s early in the tournament, but Jim Brinkley (Tampa, FL) finds himself with a lot of chips, again.  Brinkley finished 4th in June’s Summer Tampa Bay / WPT Regional Series for a career best $29,000 payday.

“I had the chip lead for three days,” Brinkley laments on what he labels a disappointing finish.

Brinkley’s run-good continues in this event as he’s up to 40k (133 bb) and is the big stack after the first break.

“It’s a hobby,” says the car repair shop owner about his poker game. “I do a lot of work for the dealers here.” And now he’s providing a crash course on how to do damage to his Tampa opponents.

Event 1A: Courtesy Double-Up

Level 4: 100/200/25 ante

Steve Williams & Jim BrinkleyWilliams (left) Gets a Double Through Brinkley (right) as
Nunziante Rinaldo (Clermont, FL) looks on

On the last hand of the level, Jim Brinkley (Tampa, FL) opens to 800 and Steve Williams (Plant City, FL) moves all in for 2,350.

Brinkley makes the call, even though he assumes he’s behind, and is:

Williams: A Q
Brinkley: J 8

The board runs clean for Williams who doubles up to nearly 5k (17 bb), while Williams can afford the donation with his 40k (133 bb) big stack.

“Everyday,” when asked how often he plays at Seminole Hard Rock Tampa. “Both tournaments and cash, but mostly tournaments.”

Williams is still a short stack and says, “Hope I don’t have to play again tomorrow (Day 1B),” which is the plan if he busts tonight.

Players are on break and registration is open for the next 15 minutes. The next blinds are 150/300/25 ante.

Event 1A: 7 pm Flight Cruising

Level 4: 100/200/25 ante

Wide Shot Poker RoomSaturday Night (Poker) Fever

The kickoff event at the WPT Regional Tampa Bay Open continues with 80+ entries in the second flight. Registration for the $150,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool is open through the break at the end of this level (~9:25 pm).

In addition to tournament tables, the Poker Room is buzzing with cash games and single table satellites for the $1,650 Main Event (Dec. 13th-15th).

Event 1: 11 am Chip Counts

First Flight Complete

John Faucette & Stephen DiamantasJohn Faucette & Stephen Diamontas on to Day 2

18 players bagged an average chip count of 86k (29 bb) with blinds going to 1,500/3,000/500 ante for the start of Day 2.

Play resumes 12 pm Sunday.

Name-Chip Count

Kirk Adams 206,100
Jimmy Dowda 177,300
Martin Werch 129,600
John Pappas 116,400
Scott Gertiser 113,500
Sterling Savill 101,500
Ricky Carter 90,200
Michael Masella 90,600
Michael Ferneman 79,000
John Faucette 78,000
Roy Young 61,800
Tom Nguyen 60,200
Rebecca Furlong 54,800
Meir Barack 53,100
Stephen Diamontas 46,000
Shawn Deufel 39,300
Thomas Powers 37,200
James D’Arcangelis 16,000

Event 1: Road Warrior Stays Home to Take Chip Lead

Kirk AdamsKirk Adams, Chip Leader

The 11 am flight is in the books and the chip leader is Kirk Adams (St. Pete Beach, FL) who bags 206,100 and is thrilled to be playing close to home.

“I travel a lot,” said the full time pro, “so to have a series 45 minutes away is awesome.”

Adams is one of 18 players who bagged chips and will return Sunday for Day 2. Second in chips is Dean “Jimmy” Dowda (Orlando, FL) who finished with 177,300 after leading earlier in the day.

Adams’ good start continues his best year to date in poker as he has a couple of final tables and $30,000+ in tournament earnings alone from Biloxi, Mississippi. He’s been playing professionally since 2006 when he was doing well enough online to quit his job as a bartender.

“I miss bartending, the social aspect of it,” said the 34-year-old Adams, but he doesn’t bring that part of his personality to the table. “You’re trying to take their money. It’s not like sitting around to watch a football game,” he said.

And speaking of football, Adams is staying put Saturday to watch the SEC Championship game, which meant poker was out of the question.

“I had extra incentive to play well (today), said Adams, “I’m doing it for Auburn. War Eagle”

The 18 remaining players will join the remainder of Flights 1A & 1B at noon Sunday to play for their piece of the $150,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool