Event 1A: Blinds Krushing Karlin, Coutroulis Doubles

Level 11: Blinds 600/1,200/200 ante

Jeff CoutroulisJeff Coutroulis

After reporting that USF Professor Marv Karlins was one of the chip leaders, he gets crushed on back-to-back hands from the big and small blinds.

First he sends a double-up to Andrey Ivlev (Tampa via Russia), who has KK against Karlins flopped OE straight draw. On the next hand, Karlins moves all in on a board of Q-J-T-5-9.

Jeff “Flicker” Coutroulis (Tampa) calls and knowing he can’t beat the nuts of AK says,”I don’t have an ace,” and turns over KQ for a King-high straight.

Karlins shows AT for just a pair of Tens and sends 23k across the table on the final bet.

The two hands takes Karlins from 90k to less than 30k, while Coutroulis and Ivlev both have new life.

Coutroulis has more than $200,000 in career tournament earnings including a 5th place finish in June’s Summer Tampa Bay / WPT Regional Series for $18,000. Ivlev has one recorded tournament cash from a 2011 event in Kiev, Ukraine.