Phil Wasserman Triples Up


All of a sudden there was lots of raising going on with a flop of 7d5s4s. Phil Wasserman (pictured), Greg C, and Pete W get all in with Wasserman the short stack.

Wasserman shows AsQsJh9s, good for a flush draw and a gutshot and is up against Greg C’s 9c8d6s3h, good for the nut straight and draw for a better straight. Pete W shows the same straight and two pair with his 8h7h6c4d.

The turn is the 9h and the river is the Js, which gives Wasserman his flush and the main pot while Pete W and Greg C chop up the side pot.

Wasserman catapults his stack to 95,000 while Greg C is down to 27,000 and Pete W slides to 40,000.