Pete Walsworth and Christy Pham Chop 1st and 2nd ($2,502 Each)


As soon as Jim Hagan was eliminated, Pete Walsworth and Christy Pham began discussing a chop. They decided to chop the remaining prize pool evenly giving both players $2,502 and go all in blind and flip for the $1,650 seat into the Main Event. Walsworth won the flip and will take the voucher.

The final two players took two completely different routes to their heads-up chop. Walsworth was one of the chip leaders throughout most of the tournament and used his chip stack to leverage his opponents.

Pham, on the other hand, was short most of the tournament and came to final table as one of the shortest stacks.

“This is the first time I’ve ever played PLO,” said Pham at the conclusion of the event with a smile. “I only usually play $2/$5 no limit and other tournaments.”

Pham was able to score two key double ups. One during the final two tables where she flopped two pair and got all in on the flop against the nut straight. Running diamonds came to give her the nut flush to double up. The second came when she flopped top set and got all in on the turn against the nut straight. She was able to pair the board on the river to stay alive.

While she hit two fortunate river cards to stay alive earlier in the tournament, Pham held pocket aces during their final all in flip for the Main Event voucher and had them cracked by Walsworth when he made three tens on the turn.

Walsworth and Pham topped a field of 44 players in this $210 Pot Limit Omaha tournament, which was full of local pros and tournament regulars. Even though this is the second event of the series, Walsworth and Pham are the first players to earn a Spring Poker Open title since the first event, a $560 No Limit Hold’em event, doesn’t finish until Sunday night.

Here are a look at the results:

1. Pete Walsworth – $2,502 and Main Event Seat
2. Christy Pham – $2,502
3. Jim Hagan – $1,232
4. Mike Tadlock – $847
5. Victor Pineiro – $616