Jim Hagan Eliminated in 3rd Place ($1,232)


On the first hand of three-handed action, Pete Walsworth bet 12,000 on a flop of Ts8s4h and Jim Hagan (pictured) raised to 56,000. After some thought, Walsworth re-potted and the rest of the chips got in the middle.

Hagan tabled TcTd5h2c, giving him top set and needed to fade a six or a jack against Walsworth’s Th9h7d4d. The turn is the Ks, keeping Hagan in the lead, but the river is the Jh, and Walsworth made his straight.

After counting down the stacks, the dealer confirmed that Walsworth had Hagan covered and Hagan would finish in third place. He takes home $1,232 for his third place finish.