Event 6B: Jordan, Just Doin’ It

$125 + $20 + $20 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 11 : Blinds 600/1,200/200 ante
46 players remaining; 47k avg (39 bb)

Chip leader Kyron Jordan (Sebring) is on a serious heater.  Earlier in the night we see him call an all in bet with 9-6 against KK and hits two pairs on the turn.

“I can’t win with good cards, these are the ones that are hitting for me,” said Jordan at the time.

Two levels later and Jordan’s still on fire.

He calls two all ins on the same hand for roughly 40k each with JT against A2 and QQ. “I went runner-runner Jack-Ten,” he says while adding another 80k to his stack.

The table confirms the hand and one player says, “what about Queen-four?”

“Yeah,” Jordan continues, “against pocket Kings, I flopped trips. He had about 27k,”

All told, Jordan was as high as 250k, but bluffed off 25k on a hand against former chip leader Greg Brannon (Montgomery, AL), who was recently moved to the table. “I got nothing,” says Jordan while mucking his cards.

Jordan is still the big stack with 210k, while Brannon is at 190k.Play will wrap for the night when 30 players remain or 8 minutes left on Level 13, which ever comes first.