Event 6B: Simply Sheldon

$125 + $20 + $20 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 10: Blinds 5k/1k/100 ante
60 players remaining, 36k avg (36 bb)

Sheldon ZCall Me Sheldon, Just Sheldon

Sheldon (Tampa) calls himself a “poker degenerate,” who plays all around the world and up to 100 hours a week at Hard Rock Tampa. But despite his ubiquitous presence and unique look, he’s trying to keep a low profile.

“No last name,” he says while sporting a scarf, hoodie and Rollie Fingers-esque mustache (young players can Google him). “I’m always cold.” he says knowing full well that Tampa’s in a heat wave with 80 degree December temperatures.

Sheldon is good for the game and entertaining the table while playing an above average 40k (40 bb) stack.