Sam Majed Wins Event 23 for One of the Last Three Trophies on the Final Night at the SPS Series

2023 Tampa Signature Poker Series
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Tampa, Florida
Event 23
$200 One-Day $50K NLH (Re-Entry)
Entries: 293
Prize Pool: $50,000
September 19, 2023

Sam Majed

Sam Majed took home one of the last SPS guitar pick trophies in Event 23 tonight in a final match that some him holding a better than 2:1 chip advantage against Michael Tweedlie. Majed won the top prize worth $10,640 after topping the field of 293 entries.

We caught up with him after the win, and here were his first thoughts after play ended, “It feels great, it’s been a really long grind, and it’s been good to find those tournaments that played big, and award big at the end. This is a really big prize pool for a $200. It’s a result of really long and hard work.”

“Yeah of course, it’s going to be my first trophy so I will start the collection from there,” said Majed when he was asked about finding a spot at home for the trophy.

Majed has played a bunch of events over the course of the tournament series, and this was his impression on the experience, “Overall this is great, the staff is amazing, and the dealers are great. They were all on point and so professional.”

“It was the aces against A-K suited. I ran really hot through the final table, and I just kept catching hands. Aces against A-K, and it was for probably like 500,000, that one was big,” said Majed about the most pivotal hand that led to his victory.

Final Results:

1st: Sam Majed – $10,640 + SPS Trophy
2nd: Michael Tweedlie – $7,080
3rd: Branden Rosario – $5,160
4th: Anthony Askey – $3,810
5th: Mark Kingsland – $2,850
6th: Rhett Van Leeuwen – $2,160
7th: George Hortelano – $1,660
8th: Sanjib Acharya – $1,300

9th: Chase Besuden – $1,030
10th: Jason Durant – $1,030

11th: Ryan Wuebbels – $840
12th: James Bates – $840

13th: Billy Papadopoloulos – $700
14th: Oran Haynes – $700

15th: Marcus Carter – $590
16th: Daniel Lobato – $590

17th: Anderson Premdas – $510
18th: Joseph Steven – $510
19th: Michael Reynolds – $510
20th: Edgardo Rosario Figueroa – $510

21st: Liam Hagens – $450
22nd: April Wilmoth – $450
23rd: Christopher Perry – $450
24th: Mark Elliman – $450

25th: David Tanner – $410
26th: Ray St. Jacques Carrion – $410
27th: Ryan Luker – $410
28th: Longyi Wen – $410
29th: Haley Taylor-Pappalarado – $410
30th: Mark Picarazzi – $410
31st: Duff Charette – $410
32nd: Ramon Gonzalez – $410

33rd: Scott Thompson – $380
34th: Bradley Grossman – $380
35th: Pedro Vega – $380
36th: Daniel Zucker – $380
37th: William Vedadi – $190
38th: Asif Mohammed – $190