Lebeau Flushes Two Players


On a flop of Th4h2d, a player in late position moves all in for 3,300 and gets called by a player in the cutoff. Rob Lebeau (pictured) is on the button and thinks for a few moments before slamming his stack down on the table in front of the dealer button as he went all in for an additional 7,275.

The cutoff thought for some time before committing the extra chips for a call.

“You’re ahead now, but it’s coming,” said Lebeau as he tabled Ah6h, good for the nut flush draw.

The all in player showed QcJc and the cutoff showed KdTd. The turn was the Js, giving the all in player the lead, but the river was the 7h, giving Lebeau the best hand and the pot.

Lebeau looks to be one of the chip leaders with 45,000 as we inch toward our first break.