Greg C Eliminates Skip Farrell


Mike Wakefield raises to 2,500 from early position and is called by Greg C (pictured) on the button and Skip Farrell from the small blind.

The flop is Kh6h3c and Farrell moves all in for his last 2,725. Wakefield quickly gets out of the way and Greg C  goes into the tank for a few moments before begrudgingly tossing in a call.

Greg C shows JdTdTc3d, good for a pair of tens and is in the lead against Farrell’s Qc9h7s6s, good for a pair of sixes.

The turn is the 4h and the river is the 8h and Greg C scoops the pot with a pair of tens while Farrell heads to the exits. Greg is sitting with 95,000 in chips and has over 20% of the chips in play with 15 players remaining.