Imhoff Doubles Through Tirrell


Daniel Tirrell is facing a river bet of 10,000 from John Imhoff (pictured) on a board of Ks9h6hKd8h and is in the tank.

“If a queen came on the river this would be a lot easier,” said Tirrell while contemplating his decision. “This is so stupid.”

Tirrell tosses in a call and sees the bad news.

“If you have a boat, you’re good,” said Imhoff as he showed AhKh9d6s.

Imhoff apparently misread his hand as he did have an ace-high flush, but also had the nut full house as well.

Tirrell showed an inferior flush and a king as he mucked his hand and needled Imhoff about the comment at showdown.

Imhoff scoops the pot and grows his stack to 33,000 while Tirrell slides to 27,000 in chips.