Event 7: Double Bubble,12 Left (with Payouts)

$300 + $30 + $20 NLH 6-Max (Re-Entry)
Blinds 800/1,600/200 ante
12 players remaining, 78k avg (49 bb)

This tournament has been buzzing all day and we’re down to two tables. With 12 players remaining and ten making the money, we’re on the double-bubble as the next two eliminations miss the cash.

Two players wish to remain anonymous, but here’s a look at those still in the running for the $9,588 first prize.

Kirk Adams
Meir Barack
Norbert Kara
Andrey Ivlev
Mike Browne
Joel King
Devis Mulla
Kyle Upper
Derek Bowers
Lance Garcia

Prize Pool


1st $9,588
2nd $5,217
3rd $3,638
4th $2,679
5th $2,002
6th $1,523
7th $1,184
8th $959
9th $761
10th $649