EVENT 7: 5th Place – Marcus Seitz

$250 Big Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Blinds 10k/20k/3k ante
4 players remaining, 818k avg (41 bb)

Marcus Seitz
Marcus Seitz (Lacey, WA)

In a limp pot Marcus Seitz and Manny Minaya see a flop of Qd[Ts6s. Minaya checks, Seitz bets 75k, Minaya moves all in and Seitz calls and is at risk for 250k.

Seitz: Js8s (flush draw, gutshot straight draw)
Minaya: Qc2d (top pair)

Minaya’s pair of Queens hold after the turn and river brick for Seitz. Minaya is the chip leader with 1 million chips.

Seitz is out in 5th place for $2,901.