Event 6 Winner – Bryan Scofield

$300 Omaha H/L (Re-Entry)

Limits 30k/60k

Bryan Scofield (Tampa, FL)  $6,035
Bryan Scofield (Tampa, FL)

Steve Allen only has 110k and is all in against Bryan Scofield on the first hand of heads up play.

Scofield: Kd9s8c5d
Allen: KcJh8s7h

Board: QhTh6s5h7d

Scofield takes the hand and tournament with a Ten-high straight.

“I’m primarily a cash player,” says Scofield who wins $6,035. “I saw this on the schedule and figured why not give it a shot.”

Scofield, who plays poker full time, also earns the trophy guitar along with the $3,500 seat into the Championship Event (June 12-18).