Event 6: Bag & Tag, Play Resumes 3 pm

$300 Omaha H/L (Re-Entry)

Next Limits 8k/16k
7 Players Remaining, 118k avg (7 big bets)

Peter Dragar Chip Leader
Peter Dragar
Chip Leader

Play ends for the night with Peter Dragar holding the chip lead at 243k (15 big bets)

The final seven players return at 3 pm to play for the $6,035 top prize

Seat-Name-Chip Count

1 Steve Allen (Bradenton, FL) 100k
2 Patrick Cummins (Tampa, FL) 149k
3 Ryan Arkin (Tampa, FL) 52k
4 Jarek Poniatowski (Venice, FL) 110k
5 Cris Tuchbaum (Lakeland, FL) 11k
6 Peter Dragar (Budapest, Hungary) 243k
7 Bryan Scofield (Tampa, FL) 159k

Prize Pool


1st $6,035
2nd $3,278
3rd $2,070
4th $1,553
5th $1,208
6th $1,035
7th   $863
8th John Buzbee (Riverview, FL) $690
9th Harry Wilks (Clearwater, FL) $518