EVENT 5: Motown Freddie Mowing ‘Em Down

$560 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 10: Blinds 500/1k/100 ante
67 players remaining, 46k avg (46 bb)

Freddie Kirkland
Freddie Kirkland

A sheepish Freddie Kirkland (Tampa, FL) isn’t proud of how he got the chip lead, but isn’t afraid to talk about.

Kirkland is up to 135k and says his recently added 18k after taking out pocket Tens with Jh7h.

“The flop was 8-6-3 with two hearts,” says Kirkland, “Kh on the turn,” as he hit the winning flush.

“We won’t tell you about the other ones,” he laughs and the table agrees.

Kirkland is originally from Lansing, MI and has strong Detroit area roots.  He says he came to Tampa “for the weather,” pauses and adds, “and a girl.”

While the relationship didn’t work out, living in Tampa has.

“Michigan is really sad right now,” Kirkland says, “it’s a tough place.”

Kirkland is sporting the Old English D, Detroit Tigers logo and is happy to talk about his alma mater Michigan State, especially men’s basketball and head coach Tom Izzo.  “I hope he never leaves. He’s not just a good coach, he’s a good man.”