Event 5: Colorful Characters Back in Action

$175 + $25 + $20 Seniors 50+ NLH (Re-Entry)
Level 13: Blinds 1k/2k/300
49 players remain; 53k avg (27 bb)

Bill Brazell & Seth Bobet wide shot(l-r) Maddah, Furlong, Herbert Woodbery, Bobet & Brazell

After returning from break the Seniors are having a blast, especially at the expense of two anonymous players who went to the wrong table and played several hands out of the wrong stack.

“A senior moment,” says one player. “The average age right now is 75 (years-old), so only two (players) isn’t bad.”

Conversely, the table has some competent players like Seth Bobet (Orlando) who is second in chips with 135k (68 bb) and one of only two players with more than 100k.

Also here is Wally Maddah (Tampa

), who bubbled the PLO (Event #2), and Becky Furlong (Palm Harbor) who was one of the few women who made Day 2 of the $150,000 Guaranteed (Event 1) kickoff tournament.  Both Maddah and Furlong are looking for their first cashes of the series as we’re closing in on the money with the top 25 getting paid.

But the most colorful character is Bill Brazell (Mulberry, FL) who says, “somebody call my wife and tell her I’m still here.”  We reached Linda and made sure to let her know that Brazell is hoping for a deep run and a late night.