EVENT 5: Cofhlin Catches Fire for Flight C & Overall Chip Lead

$560 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 12 Complete
18 Players Remaining
Next Blinds: 1k/2k/300 ante
Day 2, 12 pm Sunday

John Cofhlin
John Cofhlin – Chip Leader

John Cofhlin (Fort Pierce, FL) bags an impressive 419,400 to lead Flight C and take the overall chip lead.

On the penultimate hand of the day, Cofhlin is part of a three-way all in that saw him triple his 133 chip stack.

On a flop 9d8c5c Rick Clayton (Barnhardt, MO) bets 10k and Shawn Cunix (Columbus, OH) moves all in for 170k. Cofhlin calls, as does Clayton with both players at risk.

Cofhlin 9h9c (set of 9s)
Clayton 8s8h (set of 8s)
Cunix 7h2d (gutshot straight draw)

Cunix is looking to gamble as he already bagged 159k in Flight B and could only carry one stack forward into Day 2.

Turn: Tc (Cunix, OE straight draw)

River: 5h

Cofhlin’s gets the full triple-up to more than 400k with a full house, 9s full of 5s. Clayton’s full house wins the 38k side pot versus Cunix.

“I got lucky,” said Cofhlin. “Somehow I have chips for Day 2, usually I just squeak in.”

Cofhlin recently won the Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Seniors event for $9,500 and won ~$22,000 here in Tampa during the December 2011 series. “Tampa has been good to me,” he said, “I’ve been fortunate here.”

18 players advance today to increase the Day 2 total to 45 players after three flights. The average stack is currently 110k (55 bb) with three flights still to play.

Cofhlin Watches the Official Count
Cofhlin Watches the Official Count