EVENT 4: Rodney Looking for Respect

$150 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Blinds 5k/10k/1k ante
51 Players Remaining, 252k avg (25 bb)

Rodney Dillehay & Seth Gurian-001
 Dillehay & Gurian Waiting for the Flop

“I’ve had so many good hands, and you’re going to put that one on (the blog),” says Rodney Dillehay (Clearwater, FL)  after jumping into the chip lead with nearly 800k.

Dillehay opens the action to 25k and Seth Gurian (Valrico, FL), who’s been on Dillehay’s left all day, moves all in for 155k.

Dillehay tanks for a few seconds before making the call.

“Dominated,” says Dillehay, when he sees his KdQd is crushed by Ad Ks.

But when a Queen flops to give Dillehay the winner, he breaths a sigh of relief and simply says, “lucky,” as his stack goes to 790k.

Gurian knows he’s a 2-1 favorite preflop and simply shrugs his shoulders and heads to the payout line in 53rd place for $393.

“I’m looking forward to seeing Nick “the suit” at the final table,” says Dillehay.

Nick Tzoumas (Trinity, FL ) is among the big stacks with 635k, while Alan Korpi (Lutz, FL) is a top five stack with 590k.

Nik Tzoumas-
Nick “the suit” Tzoumas