Championship: Fishing for Chips

$1,650 Buy-In Championship No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 4: Blinds 100/200/25 ante
Entries: 60

South Florida pro Darryll Fish (Fort Lauderdale, FL) is back for another shot at the $300,000 Guaranteed prize pool after busting Day 1A.

Today’s action has been pretty loose as we’ve seen several players bust and re-enter.

Here’s one hand that epitomizes how play is going; we’ll keep the players anonymous to protect both the innocent and offenders.

Blinds 100/200 – all players with between 20k and 30k in chips.

EP position limps, cutoff makes it 1100. The button and limper both call.

Flop: 8d6d5s

Check, c-bet to 2200, button and EP call.

Turn: Th

check, aggressor bets 6k, button and EP fold.

Just an average hand here in the Seminole Hard Rock Tampa Poker Room.