Championship Event: Garia with Commanding Chip Lead

$1,500 + $100 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event (Re-Entry)
Blinds: 2,500/5k/500 ante
31 players remaining, 194k avg (39 bb)

Lance Cord Garcia
Lance Cord Garcia

You can call him Lance, or Cord, but either way Lance Cord Garcia (Katy, TX) is the chip leader.

The huge hand that took him to 650k before running it up to 850k before the last break came just after the bubble broke.

On the hand, Garcia raises to 10,500 UTG+1 and gets four callers.

Flop: 6s5c2s

The blinds and Garcia all check, Brett Gardner leads for 55k (130k behind), a middle position player and the SB both fold before Glen Chorny moves all in for 180k.

Garcia is also all in and has Chorny and Gardner covered. Gardner calls for roughly the same chip count as Chorny.

Gardner: 5h5d (set of 5s)
Chorny: As8s (nut flush draw)
Garcia: QsQh (over pair)

Turn: 10h (no change)

River: Qd

Garcia hits a two outer on the river for a set of Queens and a double knock out.  Gardner finishes in 35th place, while Chorny is out 34th.

“Lance is Cord and Cord is Lance,” says Garcia with an explanation on the two names. He also clarifies that Katy, Texas is a suburb of Houston. “Katy or Houston, it doesn’t matter,” he says.

On the last break Garcia had 4-times the chip average, but has since given some back on a double-up with AK against pocket 7s.

Garcia already has a runner-up finish in this series when he took home $5,000 in the 6-Max (Event 7).