Championship Event: 6th Place, Allen Kessler – $19,189

$1,500 + $100 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event (Re-Entry)
Blinds: 10k/20k/3k ante
5 players remaining, 1.2 million avg (60 bb)

Allen Kessler opened the action for 40K from early position and it was folded to Cord Garcia in the big blind. Cord thought for twenty seconds before announcing he was all in. Kessler didn’t hesitate and made the call but not before proclaiming “here comes the bad beat” while turning over pocket Jacks. Garcia had AsKd and would hit on the Ah9c7d flop. The turn would give Kessler an inside straight draw with the 8h but the river was not of any help as it was the 5d. Kessler adds almost 20K to his over 2.75 million in lifetime tournament earnings.

Allen Kessler
Allen Kessler