Championship Day 1A: Almost Folded Middle Set

$1,500 + $100 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event (Re-Entry)

Blinds 200/400 Ante 50

With 5K already in the pot, Joey Dipascale made a bet of 4150 with the board showing Th9h2sJs. His opponent in the 8 seat made a minimum raise to 8300. Joey thought for about 30 seconds before announcing that he was all in. It was for an additional 21,625. The 8 seat thought long and hard about what to do. Grabbing his chips, fumbling with them as they splashed in front of him. “How much more,” he asked. The dealer told him. Again he played clumsily with his chips as he tried to count out the call. He pulled them back as if he was going to fold but ultimately decided he couldn’t. With good reason as he had pocket 10’s for middle set. His intuition was right, however, as Dipascale had turned a set of Jacks. The river was the Qc and Joey scoops the huge pot to bring his stack to approximately 65K.

There is approximately 30 minutes left in Level 6. 65 paid entrants thus far with 47 remaining. Registration will be closing at the end of this level.

Joey Dipascale
Joey Dipascale