Steve Trizis Wins Event the SPS Guitar Pick Trophy in Event 20

2023 Tampa Signature Poker Series
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Tampa, Florida
Event 20

$400 Seniors 50+ NLH (Re-Entry)
$50,000 Guaranteed
Entries: 206

Prize Pool: $69,010
September 18, 2023

Steve Trizis

Steve Trizis has topped the field in Event 20 tonight to take home the largest portion of the prize pool worth $16,930 along with the SPS guitar pick trophy.

We had a chat with him after the win, and here is what Trizis had to say about the win, “This is awesome, awesome, of course, of course; I got a guitar trophy before, but I like this kind too. I will probably put it at my restaurant, the Country Skillet Restaurant.”

“Fairly smooth, I never was really at risk much. I wasn’t really big until the final table, I was average,” said Trizis when he was asked about his path through the tournament.

He continued with when asked about the endgame for him at the final table, “At the end I just got a lot of really good hands. I got aces one time to take a guy out four-handed.”

“I enjoy everything about it. I’m going to play the mixed games event tomorrow, I’m not going to play it well, I’m going to play it [laughs]. That’s probably what my celebration will be, and now I’ve got a couple bullets for it,” said Trizis to end the interview when asked about his tournament series experience and celebration plans.

Final Results:

1st: Steve Trizis – $16,930 + SPS Trophy
2nd: Louis Galasso – $11,780
3rd: Gregory Masterson – $7,070
4th: John McConnell – $4,300
5th: Daniel Lobato – $3,320
6th: Vicki Renfrow – $2,750
7th: Peggt Winsler – $2,350
8th: Randy Levin – $2,020
9th: Christopher Bilbro – $1,700
10th: Michael Collins – $1,480
11th: Glen Ballenger – $1,480
12th: Joseph Boulais – $1,480
13th: James Gibson – $1,260
14th: Stephen Allen – $1,260
15th: Daniel Wilson – $1,260
16th: Jerome Bocquet – $1,040
17th: Michael Fouchie – $1,040
18th: Paul Gratsch – $1,040
19th: An-Ming Hwang – $830
20th: Lewis Gallo – $830
21st: Julio Delgado Reyes – $830
22nd: Wesley Skinner – $640
23rd: Daniel Eisner – $640
24th: Vitor Coelho – $640
25th: Edith Norman – $520
26th: Terri-Anne Crawfird – $520