Phil Wasserman Eliminated in 6th Place


Christy Pham limps under-the-gun and Phil Wasserman (pictured) limps behind her. Pete W completes the small blind and Jim Hagan checks the big blind.

The flop is Qd8h3s and Pham bets 9,600 after both blinds check. Wasserman calls and they are heads-up to the Jd turn card. Pham announces “pot,” Wasserman re-pots  and all the chips get in the middle.

Pham shows top set with QsQc8c2h and needs the board to pair against Wasserman’s JsTc9c5s.

The river is the 3h and Pham fills up to eliminate Wasserman on the bubble. Each player is now guaranteed $616. Pham basically doubles up to 123,000 in chips.