Jack Rovello Busts Blueberry Man

Jack Rovello

Level 10: Blinds 500/1,000/100 ante

After calling a raise utg, Jack Rovello (Westchester, NY) checked in the dark before the dealer spread the flop of Qh9d8c.  The blueberry farmer, Edwin Torres, was on the button and shoved for 27,300.

Jack went into the tank, talking to himself since Edwin sat silent and motionless, saying “I fell like you have pocket Tens.  I got a Queen with a good kicker”.

After a couple of minutes, Jack made the call.  Edwin sheepishly rolled over AcKs for nut-no-pair.  Jack clapped his hands and showed KcQs for top pair.

The last two fell Td8d and made no difference.  Edwin was busted.  “Good call! Ballsy call!” Jack said, as he collected the pot.  He’s up to about 115k.

Jack is from New York, but is down here in Tampa visiting a friend.  He was a child actor, appearing in the film “The Hours” with Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman at the age of eight.  He credits his good friend Maja Lorehovic with inspiring him to be an actor.