Flight 2: Rob Manjura Eliminated

$1,650 No Limit Hold’em WPT Championship

Level 14: 1,200/2,400/400

Rob Manjura raised to 5,000 from early position and Paul Stanechewski three-bet to 17,000 from late position. Manjura called and the two players watched the dealer spread a flop of Ah8s4s.

Manjura checked and Stanechewski bet 20,000. Manjura check-raised all in for his last 58,000 and Stanechewski snap-called and tabled AcKd.

Manjura was in bad shape as he tabled JcJd. The turn was the Ts and the river was the 2s to keep Stanechewski in the lead and eliminate Manjura just before the end of the day.

We are left with nine players in the second flight and there are just a few minutes left in the day.