Event 7: Richie Rich with Mega Stack & POD

$560 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 11: Blinds 600/1,200/200 ante
58 Players Remaining, 68k avg (57 bb).

Rich Milroy
Milroy (right) and Carwash (left) After the Hand
as Lindo (standing) Loses the Last of his Chips

During the last level, three of the four biggest stacks were all on Table 4, now only two of them are there.

Chip Leader Rich Milroy, Oscar Lindo (3rd in chips) and “Carwash” Williams (4th) see a flop of 8d7c5s.

Williams checks, Lindo checks, Milroy bets 20k, Williams folds and Lindo calls.

Turn: Ad

Lindo checks, Milroy bets 20k, Lindo check-raises to 60k, Milroy calls.

River: 5c

Lindo open shoves 96k and Milroy snap calls.

Lindo: 9s6c (flopped straight)
Milroy: 8h8c (flopped set, rivered full house)

Lindo can’t believe his straight is rundown by a full house and he’s out after losing the 375k pot.

Milroy extends his chip lead by taking his mega stack to more than 400k (300+ bb). The huge pot also earns him our Seminole Hard Rock, Hard Play of the Day.

SHRT-Summer-Poker-OpenHard Rock, Hard Play of the Day – Milroy