Event 6A: Tough Table

$125 + $20 + $20 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 6: Blinds 200/400/50 ante

Bobby Rosetta and Wally MaddahRosetta & Maddah

Of the 12 tables in Action Table 45 is a tough draw.  Two players who chopped Event 1 ($150,000 NL Guarantee), Stephen Diamantas (Tampa) and Bobby Rosetta (Tampa) are here, as is Wally Maddah (Orlando) who final table bubbled the Seniors (Event 5) last night.

Diamantas ($13,038) and Rosetta ($9,526) were part of the 9-way deal, while Maddah’s 11th place finish was a heart breaker. Eventual winner Maroun Akiki (Orlando) flopped a straight against Maddah’s top pair.