Event 6: 3rd Place – Patrick Cummins

$300 Omaha H/L (Re-Entry)

Limits 30k/60k

Patrick Cummins (Tampa, FL) $2,070
Patrick Cummins (Tampa, FL)

Bryan Scofield has nearly all the chips as Patrick Cummins is all in preflop for 35k and Steve Allen joins him post flop for 30k more.


Scofield: Ks6h4d2d
Allen: Kh9h5d3d
Cummins: AhQhTd8h

Board: Jh8d6d7h9d

Scofield wins the low with 4-2, but misses the scoop when Allen takes the high with the 5-high flush.

Cummins is out in 3rd place for $2,070.

Heads Up Chip Counts

Bryan Scofield 718k