Event 5: Sponaugle Runs a Wheel

$155 No Limit Hold’em

Level 10: 500/1,000/100

Ryan Sponaugle raised on the button and called an all in from the player in the big blind.

Sponaugle tabled Qs2s and was in bad shape against the big blind’s 4c4h.

The flop was AhJs3c, keeping the big blind in the lead. The turn is the 4d, which gave the big blind a set, but Sponaugle a gutshot straight draw. The river was the 5c and Sponaugle makes a straight and scoops the pot.

“I thought he was ready to gamble,” said Sponaugle as he stacked his newly acquired chips.

Sponaugle improves his chip stack to 42,000.