Event 5: Mark Fein Triples Up

$155 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level  7: Blinds 250/500/50 ante

The player in seat 8 shoved for 4,950 and got called by Jason Lux, (Northport, FL) Mark Fein, (Valrico, FL) and the players in seat 3 and seat 7.

unsub and Jason LuxUnknown (left) and Jason Lux (right)

On the flop of 8d8c5h it was checked to Jason, who jammed.  Mark called all-in for 6,525 and seats 3 and 7 folded.  Jason held AdQh for two overcards.  Mark held 5s5c for the full boat.  Jason was drawing near-dead to running Aces or Queens.  The unknown player in seat 8 had pocket 4s and was drawing even slimmer to running 4s for quads.

The last two fell 9hAc and Mark chipped up to about 35k.  Jason was still in good shape with about 32k.  Seat 8 was busted.

Mark FeinMark Fein (above) is a regular here at the Hard Rock.  He relocated to Florida from Cincinnati, OH, twenty years ago.