Event 5: Ladies Good for Joey Carter

$155 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level  6: Blinds 200/400/50 ante

Just before the blinds went up:

Three players got to the turn with a board of 9c3c3d4h.  Joey ‘Hard Rock’ Carter (Wesley Chapel, FL) bet 1,150 and got a call from Chris Williams, then Vitor Coelho raised to 2,600.  Both players called while Joey (below) was jammin’ to West Coast rappers The Game: Documentary, in his earbuds.

Joey Carter

River was the 2d and it was checked around.  Joey showed QsQh for Queens-up and the other two mucked.   Joey chipped up to about 25k.

“You know what I’m saying
I never take shots at legends
I just, that’s just something I don’t do

-Lyrics from “The Documentary”