Event 5 Flight 1 Chip Counts

$155 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

James Garrett ToppingGarrett Topping – Flight 1 Chip Leader

Play was halted with 21 minutes remaining in level 12 (blinds 800/1,600/200 ante) with 14 players remaining.  They will return at 2pm Wednesday for Day 2.

Here they are, sorted by chip count:

RankPlayer Chips
1Garrett Topping 163,100
2Joseph Hart 143,900
3Jordan Cannatella 136,000
4Richard Higgins 103,300
5Jim Arcomone 95,900
6Lewis Gallo Jr 83,600
7Dave Edwards 65,400
8Neri Sanchez 39,000
9Rob Wentworth 38,200
10Amelio Amato 36,900
11Michael Lavington 24,400
12Joseph Squires 19,100
13Bryan Lewis 13,700
14Matthew Alderman 4,800


Flight 2 will get underway at 7pm tonight and players who have already bagged chips can enter again to try to build a bigger stack.  They will only carry the ‘best’ stack to Day 2 (no combining stacks).