Event 5: 17th Place – Tai Nguyen

$560 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 23:  Blinds 10k/20k/3k ante

Tai Nguyen - 17th Place
Tai Nguyen – 17th Place

Jose Galvez raised (for the third hand in a row) and Tai Nguyen called from the big blind.  The flop with a ten and a nine and two hearts.  Tai fired 100k and Jose called.  Turn was a blank and Tai shoved.  The chip leader called.

Tai had KhJh for a flush draw with gutshot.  Jose had pocket Aces.

The river was another blank and Jose chipped up to about 3.5 million.

Tai Nguyen busted out in 17th place, earning $1,904.