Event 4: Hard Rock, Hard Beat of the Day

$560 Big Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Blinds 1,200/2,400/300
15 Players Remaining, 93k avg (39 bb)

Ron Puleo, Manny Minaya and Jessie Wheatley see a flop of KhQs9s.

Minaya bets 10k, Wheatley calls and Puleo moves all in for ~50k.

Minaya moves all in for 114k total and Wheatley calls, covering both players.

Puleo: 9c9d (set of 9s)
Minaya: AdAc (over pair)
Wheatley: AsKc (top pair, top kicker)

Turn: Ts (Wheatley flush draw, Minaya & Wheatley straight draws)

River: Jd

The river Jack gives Wheatley and Minaya each the nut straight to knock out Puleo in 16th place.

Puleo takes home $750 and an elimination by running cards also earns him our Hard Rock, Hard Beat of the Day

SHRT-Summer-Poker-OpenHard Rock, Hard Beat of the Day – Puleo