Event 1: Notables Near the Bubble

$360 Deepstack Challenge (Re-Entry)
$200,000 Guaranteed
 | Structure | Payouts
Level 17: 3,000/6,000 with a 6,000 ante
Players Remaining: 124 of 1,128

Bryce McVay

Event 1 is nearing the bubble but the first break is closer. They are less than a dozen eliminations away from the money with only ten minutes remaining in the level. Once Level 17 is complete, they will take their first break of the day as the 500 denom chips come out of play.

There were plenty of top players making it through to Day 2 including Bryce McVay, Brandon Miller, and Nick Palma along with Willy Maddah, Marvin Kharlins, and Travis Jackson. They are all still around with a chance to make the money.

Unfortunately for some, the list of those who fell short included Parm Mehmi and starting Day 2 chip leader Todd Doan.

Brandon Miller
Nick Palma