Clint Dunn is Done

$155 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level  7: Blinds 250/500/50 ante

Clint DunnClint Dunn (Orlando, FL) is a regular here at the Seminole Hard Rock, but also works as a male entertainer.**

He shoved his short-stack with AhJh but got no takers.  A few hands later, he was all-in again, this time against Joe Hart.  Clint’s AcQh was ahead of Joe’s JhTd, but Joe has been running good.

The board fell out Ks8h2sThKh and Joe paired his Ten to take the pot, adding Clint’s chips to his already big stack.

Clint headed for the door — not sure if he plans to try again in a later flight.

** Apparently someone was yanking my chain as the person pictured above is not Clint Dunn.