Championship: Ron West Eliminates Daniel Ramirez

$1,650 Winter Poker Open Championship
Level 17: 2,500/5,000/500 Ante

Ron West (Los Angeles, CA)
Ron West (Los Angeles, CA)

Ron West suddenly holds one of the biggest stacks in the room after eliminating arguably the hottest player of the series, Daniel Ramirez. According to the table, Ramirez opened for 13,000 and another player called. Ron West three-bet to 41,000 and it folded to Ramirez who shoved for about 400,000. The other player in the hand folded and West called. Ramirez was the at-risk player.

Ramirez: 9x9x
Ron West: AdKd

The flop came 4x3x2x with one diamond. The turn was the Jd giving West a flush draw to go with his straight possibilities and two overs. The river fell the Ah pairing West’s ace and sending Ramirez to the rail.

The hand put West at 810,000 chips.

For Ramirez, the Winter Poker Open was a success no matter what happened in the Championship. He kicked the series off with a runner-up finish in Event 1 worth $24,528. From there, he finished 49th in Event 4, 39th in Event 7 and 3rd in Event 10.