Championship: Chris Dombrowski Eliminated in 2nd Place ($64,598)

$1,650 No Limit Hold’em WPT Championship

Level 30: 50,000/100,000/15,000

Chris Dombrowski

Jean Gaspard raised to 250,000 on the button and Chris Dombrowski (pictured) moved all in from the big blind. Gaspard called and the cards were turned face-up.

Gaspard was had a commanding lead in the hand with his 5c5h against Dombrowski’s 3h3c.

The board ran out AhKsKd4hJd and Gaspard eliminates the Dombrowski in second place.

Dombrowski adds $64,598 to his bank account and a second place finish to his resume, which already includes a World Series of Poker Bracelet.

Gaspard takes home the trophy, the guitar, and the $109,613 that goes along with it.