Brendan Shiller Wins Event 28 on the Second Day of Play After a Long Day 1 for the Trophy

2022 WPT Tampa
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Tampa, Florida
Event 28
$600 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$100,000 Guaranteed
Entries:  486
Prize Pool:  $255,150
September 5-6, 2022

Brendan Shiller

Brendan Shiller took home the top prize worth $50,330 along with the WPT Trophy at the end of Day 2 in Event 28. The final three bagged up late last night at 4 am, and Shiller fought his way back from the short stack to claim the title this evening down in the Poker Room in Tampa.

Here is what he had to say right after the win: “It feels kind of good, it’s always nice to win a title, so that’s really cool, I like it.”

“My life is a celebration. I don’t know what I will do tonight, but I always have a good time, and I like being around other people. I like being generous with my time and talking with people so I’m sure I will have something fun to do tonight,” said Shiller when he was asked about his plans to celebrate later this evening.

Shiller continued, “the social aspect of the game is one of the things that attracts me to poker, but it is also the challenge of staying patient and disciplined.

“I just got very, very lucky. I came into the final three as the short stack. I sucked out a lot, I got very lucky,” said Shiller when he was asked about his journey on the final day of the tournament.

“The WPT always runs a really good tournament, and they brought out some big guns to be the tournament directors, and they’ve got some really good people and dealers that travel with them. I needed to win this (laughs). I fired some bullets in the $2,200, the $1,700, and in the Main, and I didn’t cash in any of them, but hey, we’re ahead now” said Shiller about his overall tournament experience at this series.

PlaceFirst NameLast NamePrize Payout

Here were the rest of the payouts on the way down to the final table.

10th: Jeffrey Yanchek – $4,160
11th: Michael Wang – $4,160
12th: Andrei Karas – $4,160
13th: Tuck Foong – $3,290
14th: Joshua Wilson – $3,290
15th: Anthony Pellegrini – $3,290
16th: Brett Murray – $2,780
17th: Greg Robinson – $2,780
18th: Matthew Sandt – $2,780
19th: Narimaan Ahmadi – $2,340
20th: Michael Noor – $2,340
21st: Nam Moon – $2,340
22nd: James Carmadella – $1,960
23rd: Joseph Bell – $1,960
24th: Grant Missonis – $1,960
25th: Ronald Groeller – $1,690
26th: David Baize – $1,690
27th: Donna Owens – $1,690
28th: Elias Kiwan – $1,470
29th: Irfanullah Khairi – $1,470
30th: Anes Kovacevic – $1,470
31st: Daniel Chalifour – $1,470
32nd: Joan Dekler – $1,470
33rd: Jigesh Patel – $1,470
34th: Larry Hoffman – $1,470
35th: Jason Goldman – $1,470
36th: Tam Nguyen – $1,470
37th: Frank Menendez – $1,260
38th: Peter Hsu – $1,260
39th: Hobart Adkins – $1,260
40th: Cesar Fuentes – $1,260
41st: Srinivs Gottiparthi – $1,260
42nd: Richard Gole – $1,260
43rd: Toan Pham – $1,260
44th: Timothy Conner – $1,260
45th: Spencer Sweisford – $1,260
46th: Joao Figueiredo – $1,070
47th: Frederick Collado – $1,070
48th: Diego Paulo Uez – $1,070
49th: Andrew Dansicker – $1,070
50th: Antonio Serrao – $1,070
51st: Walter Thornton – $1,070
52nd: Victor Paulino – $1,070
53rd: Raymond Brint – $1,070
54th: Kerr Jean – $1,070
55th: Did not collect – $920
56th: Paul Crump Brooks – $920
57th: Julio Degado Reyes – $920
58th: Jiandong Xu – $920
59th: Jason Klipman – $920
60th: Bobby Amin – $920
61st: Nuno Duarte – $920