Wakefield Sends One Home


A player in the big blind gets all in for his last 2,400 and is called by Adam Santos and Mike Wakefield (pictured). The flop is Js5h3s and Santos checks. Wakefield bets 3,000 and Santos folds, leaving Wakefield heads-up with the all in player.

“You’re way ahead,” said Wakefield as he tabled KcJcTc2h, good for a pair of jacks.

“Just a pair of fours,” said the big blind as he showed 8h6h4c4s.

“Maybe not,” replied Wakefield.

The turn is the Kd, giving Wakefield two pair and the river is the 6d, which sealed the deal for Wakefield and the pot was shipped his way.  He is sitting with 40,500 in chips.