2017 Winter Poker Open

Winter Poker Open Win a Seat Contest Goes to Brett Apter

Brett Apter of Arlington, Virginia was the lucky winner of our Winter Poker Open Win a Seat contest. Brett simply visited HardRockPoker.com, entered his name, e-mail address and zip code and was randomly selected for a free $1,650 entry in the series’ $500,000 guaranteed Main Event!

Thank you to everyone who entered! Please stay tune for future Win a Seat contests into our Main Events.

2017 Winter Poker Open Tournament  Schedule

2017 Winter Poker Open Schedule

Primary Event Schedule

1AThurs7-Dec11am$570Deep Stack NLH (RE) $300K GtdResults
1BThurs7-Dec6pm$570Deep Stack NLH (RE) $300K Gtd--
1CFri8-Dec11am$570Deep Stack NLH (RE) $300K Gtd--
1DFri8-Dec6pm$570Deep Stack NLH (RE) $300K Gtd--
1ESat9-Dec11am$570Deep Stack NLH (RE) $300K Gtd--
1FSat9-Dec6pm$570Deep Stack NLH (RE) $300K Gtd--
1Sun10-Dec12pm--Day 2--
2Fri8-Dec2pm$250PLO (RE) $20K GtdResults
3Sun10-Dec2pm$250Deep Stack Turbo NLH (RE) $20K GtdResults
4AMon11-Dec11am$350Deep Stack NLH (RE) $100K GtdResults
4BMon11-Dec6pm$350Deep Stack NLH (RE) $100K Gtd--
4CTues12-Dec11am$350Deep Stack NLH (RE) $100K Gtd--
4DTues12-Dec6pm$350Deep Stack NLH (RE) $100K Gtd--
4Wed13-Dec12pm--Day 2--
5AThurs14-Dec11am$1,650 WPO Main Event NLH (RE) $500K GtdResults
5BFri15-Dec11am$1,650 WPO Main Event NLH (RE) $500K Gtd--
5CSat16-Dec11am$1,650 WPO Main Event NLH (RE) $500K Gtd--
5Sun17-Dec12pm--Day 2--
5Mon18-Dec2pm--Day 3--
6Sun17-Dec2pm$250Deep Stack Turbo NLH (RE) $20K GtdResults