Santos Crippled, Then Doubles

“Look at this,” said Adam Santos as we walked by the table. “The donkey had 80,000 and now he has nothing.”

Adam Santos, our one-time chip leader was down to about 7,000 in chips. Rob Manjura recapped the hand to us as how Santos lost most of his chips.

Santos raised to 2,600 preflop and Manjura called from the big blind. The flop was 9-8-4 and Manjura checked. Santos bet 20,000 and Manjura moved all in for 33,200 total. Santos called with pocket aces and was behind Manjura’s set of nines.

The turn and river bricked out for Santos and he was crippled.

Shortly after we found Santos all in and called the last of his chips. He tabled 9c9s and was up against his opponent’s QdTh.

“Look at this,” said Santos. “I’m ahead.

The flop came JhTc6s and Santos was now searching for a nine.

“Time to go play PLO,” said Santos before the dealer burned and turned the 9h.

The river is the Jd and Santos fills up.

“Look at that,” said Santos. “I got a boat.”

Santos is sitting with 15,000.