Pridgen Chops One


Joel Pridgen (pictured) raises to 300 and gets four callers. Five players see a flop of AdJdTc and Pridgen continues with a 300 chip bet. Greg “C” raises to 1,200 and Pridgen tosses in a call.

The turn is 4s and Pridgen checks again. Greg C bets 2,500 and Pridgen calls. The river is the Kh and Pridgen check-calls 4,000 from Greg C.

“I guess we are chopping,” says Greg C as he tables KcQhQc4h.

Pridgen nods his head and shows QdJhTh9d. Pridgen rivers a straight to chop with Greg C, who flopped the nuts. Both players are still right around their 10,000 starting stack.