Event 4C: Ace-High Good in Anthony Dianaty vs. Tony March

Event 4: $350 Deep Stack, $100K Gtd
Level 11: 600/1,200/200 | Structure
Flight C Players Remaining: 52/138

Anthony Dianaty

Anthony Dianaty was in position against Tony March in a heads-up pot. The board was dealt through the turn — 9d7s7cQd. March lead for 7,000. Dianaty thought for a bit before he called.

The river fell the 6d. March lead for 15,000. Dianaty broke down his remaining stack and eyed how much he’d have behind. He found a call, pushing 15,000 in the middle. March commended the call and Dianaty exposed AcKs for ace-king high. Dianaty won the pot.

Tony March

Event 4C: Monica Payraudeau Eliminates Bill McKown

Event 4: $350 Deep Stack, $100K Gtd
Level 10: 500/1,000/100 | Structure
Flight C Players Remaining: 60/138

Monica Payraudeau

Monica Payraudeau and Bill McKown got the last of Payraudeau’s 40,400 chips in the middle before the flop in a classic race:

McKown: QdQh
Payraudeau: AcKc

Monica Payraudeau waves goodbye seeing she’s behind in the race

Runout: 9c8c6cAd6s

Payraudeau smacked the flop hitting an ace-high flush. McKown was drawing slim to the turn and was drawing dead after the turn. He pushed his stack in the middle and it was revealed he also claimed exactly 40,400 chips. They were push Payraudeau’s way and McKown hit the rail.

Bill McKown

Event 4C: Peter Vitantonio Getting Short

Event 4: $350 Deep Stack, $100K Gtd
Level 10: 500/1,000/100 | Structure
Flight C Players Remaining: 68/138

Peter Vitantonio

Down to just about 10 big blinds, South Florida’s Peter Vitantonio is getting to all-in or shove mode. He recently open jammed and scored the blinds and antes chipping up a touch without contest. Registration in Flight C is closed, and if Vitantonio were to bust there’s just one chance left at a piece of this growing prize pool. That, of course, is in tonight’s 6pm flight. Late registration and re-entry in that event are available until about 10:30pm.

Event 4C: Registration Final at 138 Entries, Three-Flight Total 387

Event 4: $350 Deep Stack, $100K Gtd
Level 9: 400/800/100 | Structure
Flight C Players Remaining: 81/138

Level 9 is underway and registration is closed in Flight C of the Winter Poker Open $350. The third of four start days drew 138 entries bringing the three-flight total to 387. That puts the prize pool at an unofficial $116,100 with tonight’s 6pm installment still to come.

Here’s the event at a glance to this point:

$350 Deep Stack Breakdown

Mon @ 11amA13326
Mon @ 6pmB11621
Tues @ 11amC138
Tues @ 6pmD — —

Event 4C: Familiar Faces at Table 18

Event 4: $350 Deep Stack, $100K Gtd
Level 7: 250/500/75 | Structure
Flight C Entries: 131 | Total Entries: 380

Table 18

The big buy-ins come later this week and will attract gamers from all over the country to the Seminole Hard Rock. With the medium-sized buy-ins that began last week and go into this week, there’s a stout field of Tampa regulars taking to the tables to score big prize money.  One example of this is Table 18. There’s a number of familiar players facing off including Anthony Dianaty, Rafael Reis, Mike Raimon, Joey Alegria and Carlos Loving.

Anthony Dianaty (left) and Rafael Reis
Mike Raimon (left), Joey Alegria (middle) and Carlos Loving

Event 4C: Marie Harrell Going Good on One Entry

Event 4: $350 Deep Stack, $100K Gtd
Level 5: 150/300/50 | Structure
Flight C Entries: 113 | Total Entries: 361

Marie Harrell

Tampa’s Marie Harrell is off to a good start in Flight C having turned her 20,000 starting chips into better than 60,000 after the first break. Harrell fired a few entries in the $570, but came up shy of a Day 2 berth. She returned today for the $350 a bit reluctantly, but so far so good on her first entry as she tops the field to start Level 5.

Event 4C: Guarantee Gone and Dusted

Event 4: $350 Deep Stack, $100K Gtd
Level 4: 100/200/25 | Structure
Flight C Entries: 96 | Total Entries: 345

The 85th Flight C entry came and went in a flash and with that the 334 combined attendance threshold was hit. The $100,000 guarantee is officially surpassed and each new entry will imply add to the six-figure prize pool.

Registration in Flight C is open until about 3:30pm while the fourth and final Flight D  begins at 6pm.

Event 4C: Rami Mikhail Gets One Through

Event 4: $350 Deep Stack, $100K Gtd
Level 3: 75/150/25 | Structure
Flight C Entries: 83 | Total Entries: 332

Rami Mikhail

In a preflop scenario, there was a player with a few thousand in the middle. Rami Mikhail was also in the pot and shoved for about 15,000 having the player covered. After some back and forth, the player mucked and Mikhail took the pot.

Just a couple days ago, Mikhail final tabled the big $570, 892-entry opener, ultimately finishing eighth for $12,042. After getting the all-in bet through, he’s still drawing live for another run here in the $350.

Event 4C: Claudemir Osorio Looking for a Bag

Event 4: $350 Deep Stack, $100K Gtd
Level 2: 50/100 | Structure
Flight C Entries: 76 | Total Entries: 325

Claudemir Osorio

Caludemir Osorio scored a timely triple-up yesterday, but hit the rail soon after. The 2016 WPTDeepStacks-Tampa $570 champ is back on the felt today and looks for another solid performance and big payday in this $100,000 guarantee.

Osorio is among a number of notables in the early action including Danny Lobato, Bill McKown, Anthony Pellegrini, Tony March and Nikolaos Costarelits.

Event 4C: And They’re Off; Flight C Underway

Event 4: $350 Deep Stack, $100K Gtd
Level 1: 25/50 | Structure
Flight C Entries: 34 | Total Entries: 283

Flight C of the Winter Poker Open $350 is going at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa, Florida. As of yesterday, the field stands at 249 entries meaning just 85 additional are needed to hit the event’s six-figure guarantee.

Here are the details on today’s action:

11am: $350 Deep Stack NLH Re-Entry, Flight C

  • $350 buy-in and $100,000 guaranteed
  • 20,000 chips and 30-/40-minute levels
  • Registration and unlimited re-entry available until the start of Level 9 (~3:30pm)
  • Play concludes following Level 14 (~6:45pm)
  • Day 2 begins Wednesday, December 13 at 12pm
  • Structure sheet

Updates throughout the day will be available right here at SHRTPoker.com.