Monster Stack: Giedrius Bagdonas – 8th Place ($8,581)

$400 Monster Stack NLH (Re-Entry)
$200,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 32:  75,000/150,000 with a 150,000 ante
Players Remaining:  7 of 1,371

Giedrius Bagdonas
Giedrius Bagdonas

Abdelouahed Bouanani got it all in from the hijack for 3,525,000 with KdKc, and he needed his hand to hold to stay alive against the QsQh of Giedrius Bagdonas, who was UTG+1.

The board came Jd9s2d8dKh — Bagdonas turns a gutshot straight draw, but improves no further. Bouanani wins the pot with a set of kings to double up in chips.

Abdelouahed Bouanani  –  7,425,000  (50 bb)
Giedrius Bagdonas  –  750,000  (5 bb)

A short while later, Serge Dergham raised from middle position to 375,000, Giedrius Bagdonas moved all in hijack for 600,000, and Dergham called with KhJd. Bagdonas turned over Js10s, and he was dominated as he faced elimination.

The board came Jh2s2h6cKs, and Dergham won the pot with a higher two pair, kings and jacks, to eliminate Bagdonas in eighth place.

Serge Dergham  –  5,750,000  (38 bb)
Giedrius Bagdonas  –  Eliminated in 8th Place  ($8,581)

With seven players remaining, the average chip stack is about 5,875,000 (39 big blinds), and the next player to bust will earn $10,929.