Main Event: SHRP Team Member Mike Laake Eliminated in 9th Place by Farid Jattin

Winter Poker Open Main Event
$1,650 Buy-In, $500,000 Guaranteed
Level 27: 25,000/50,000/5,000 | Payouts
Players Remaining: 8/671

Seminole Hard Rock Poker team member, Mike Laake

Farid Jattin opened under the gun for 120,000. It was on Mike Laake in the cutoff and he shoved for just more than 1,250,000. Jattin called and the hands were up.

Jattin: AhKs
Laake: AdQc

Runout: KhKd6d6h7c

Jattin smacked the flop improving to trips and eliminating Laake in ninth place.

Farid Jattin – 6,500,000
Mike Laake – Eliminated in 9th place ($19,124)