Main Event Day 1C: Tomasz Szymecki Flops the Joint

$1,100 WPTDeepStacks Tampa Main Event
$300,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 8: 250/500 with a 75 ante
Flight C Entries: 239 (Total Entries: 584)

Dealer counts down Tomasz Szymecki’s stack

With the flop reading QsJs9d, a middle position player was all in for 7,525 and Amelio Amato called. Tomasz Szymecki moved all in over the top for 25,575 and the Amato went deep in the tank. After a few minutes, he released and the hands were tabled.

Szymecki: KcTc
Middle Position: KhQc

Szymecki had his opponent drawing thin with his flopped nut straight against top pair and the 6d turn left him drawing to three chop outs. The river came 3s and Szymecki sent his opponent to the rail.

Tomasz Szymecki – 43,500