Main Event Day 1B: Steel Wheel for Wayne Daley Sends Haim Toorgeman Out

$1,100 WPTDeepStacks Tampa Main Event
$300,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 12: 600/1,200 with a 200 ante
Flight C Players Remaining: 102 of 275

Haim Toorgeman

With the board reading Th5s2sJh, Wayne Daley bet 18,000 and Haim Toorgeman raised to 50,000 from middle position. Daley called, the river came 3s, and Daley announced: “all in”.

Toorgeman appeared to be unhappy, called off for his last 28,000 and Daley immediately said: “straight flush.”

Daley: As4s
Toorgeman: JdTc

Daley was good with the spade steel wheel (straight flush to the five) and Toorgeman was eliminated with his top two.

Wayne Dayley – 215,000
Haim Toorgeman – Eliminated

Wayne Daley